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Welcome to our heart

I am so excited because this is Just Beyoutiful Project’s very first post. By it being the first post, I want to let you know the "why." In the last few months I have come to understand why this is so important to me as a woman, a mother and a daughter and it’s because we really do need each other. We are not islands by ourselves and there is strength in numbers. We need to encourage not only ourselves, but each other, because we are facing - have faced and will face - these changing, trying times. We need a support system that goes above and beyond to keep our arms lifted high. It’s time for women to stop comparing themselves and stop feeling intimidated by another woman or fearing who we truly are. All of us have something on the inside of us that can take us far beyond where we are. It’s time for us as women to work on our inside so that our true beauty can shine on the outside. We are all beyoutiful from the inside out. This journey of life is not easy, but also not impossible. My life, and I'm sure your life, has had many twist and turns. But through everything we have gone through, we can share and encourage each other for such a time as this. I have learned through time how to encourage myself.

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