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There is strength in silence

A time to keep silence, And a time to speak. Ecclesiastes 3:7

From the desk of Just Beyoutiful Project

“Pay attention, Job, listen to me;

Keep silent, and I will speak.

“If you have anything to say, answer me;

Speak, for I desire to justify you.

“If not [and you have nothing to say], listen to me;

Keep silent, and I will teach you wisdom.”

Job 33: 31-33

When the enemy comes against us we don't always have to war in spoken words. Understand that before a battle God will call you to a secret intimate place in Him. So that, He can prepare you for what's ahead. Always, remember God sees and knows before we even encounter what is in front of us. The battle is not ours to fight in the first place the Word of God says, "the battle is the Lord's." We need to learn how to be content in and out of the battles. We need to make sure that our contentment is in Christ Jesus. So we may hear the instruction of the Lord before, during, and after the battle. Go through whatever you have to go through in your life to get to where God needs you to be. Every battle will strengthen and mature you in Christ Jesus. Some of our hardest battles are fought in silence and prayer. Spoken reactions can give the enemy ammunition to backfire on you and weaken you spiritually. Stay strong and in the power of His might. This is why God tells us to "BE STILL and know that I Am God." Don't grow weary in well-doing, but endure til the end.

Prayer is key to a battle-ready life and just when the enemy thinks he has you God will lift up a standard and say, "O no devil you can't touch my child." God is telling us in that still small voice, "Be not discouraged, but encouraged because the battle is already won in your life. Your obedience has caused my grace and mercy to follow you all the days of your life. Continue to be silent and I'll give you a plan and strategy for the days ahead. May my blessings overtake you daily. Give thanks every day for the seen and unseen. I have placed so much inside of you that the enemy is upset and is like a roaring lion. He will use those around you to attack your character, the vision I have given you, your peace and joy and your faith. Guard your heart and keep watch of those around you. Everyone is not for you and is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Run to me my child and hide yourself in the cleft of the rock and I will give you hinds feet to rise above what is not of me. Peace I give to you and peace I have placed in you."

Just know that when you are strong enough and built up in your most Holy faith then and only then will God give you the words to speak. Don't be quick to react or move before your time. Continue to protect what has been placed inside of you. Pray diligently for instruction and equipping. Always remember to smile through it all. Now go and enjoy the day ahead for it is a gift, we get to see.

From my heart to yours.

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