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My Time is NOW!

It is so important to understand who I am as a woman of God, and I desire that for you, too. We, as women, were created for an awesome purpose. The key is to know what your awesome purpose is. We were created for a specific purpose with specific goals to be reached in our lives. Yes, right now. God did not create us nor give us breath in our bodies to wake up every day defeated and downcast. So, why are we living this way?

Every day that we wake up, it is personal and the time is now to get yourself together. Learn how to pick yourself up, encourage yourself and when to say, “You know what? Enough is enough and now is my time to get serious and walk in the purpose God created me to walk in!” God thought of you out of the billions of people that have been birthed on this earth to create you, to form you in the womb, to birth you out, and to sit you in the place you are in right now: for such a time as this. It is about you, but it’s not about you. It’s about being that puzzle piece that fits so snuggly in God’s plan that it never becomes worn or loosened to fall out of place. Ways we can fall out of place? When we fear, doubt or struggle and have a poor attitude in our thoughts or speech…and everything else contrary to the Word of God.

Yes, for such a time as this, it’s about all of us to get it right in the Kingdom of God and carry on in our purpose. People are struggling every day. People are hurting deeply every day. People are lost trying to find their way every day. And all this is going on behind closed doors. Women, it’s time to get it together. We have heard the Word, we know how to pray, we know how to sing praises to God, and we know how to call on God when we need Him. Well, guess what? It’s time to get out of the “coronavirus pity party,” which sounds like this: corona got me stuck in the house; corona caused me to lose my job; corona has changed life as I know it, and on and on. Stop putting everything on corona because corona has always been here like every other disease waiting to be poked and woken up. When sin runs rampant, God allows destruction to control and rein in what He created. There is nothing new under the sun and disease in the land is nothing new. We’ve had plagues in the Old Testament and there have been plagues, sickness and death to hit the earth. So, what makes this different? The difference is we are living during such a time as this and it’s magnified. We are seeing (and some are experiencing) death, turmoil and unrest. This hasn’t just touched a few people; this has touched the entire world.

So now the question to ask is, “Lord, where do I fit in your puzzle piece of hope, of redemption, of love, of peace? Where do I fit in just to be an example of your Word and the purpose you have given me for such a time as this?” Do you realize that awesome inventions, businesses and ideas are birthed during times like these? What will be yours? God placed a purpose, a vision and a gift in you. Now is the time to “dust off” that purpose, vision and gift and begin to let God lead you. He’ll show you every step of the way what to do and how to walk in it. You are needed, you are important and you have more inside of you than you every knew! So, get up every morning with a purpose, a goal and with a vision. It’s time out for fear, for pity parties and feeling woe-is-me. You are needed more than ever in God’s Kingdom!

Yes, it is personal and yes, the time is now. Why? Because the Lord is our Shepherd and He is leading and speaking like never before. It’s louder around us than ever before, too, but the key is to be in tune to hear Him when He speaks. Life is too precious to wake up another day defeated. There’s no better time than now to enjoy where you are in life because it is the best place to be: it’s just you and your Abba Father making plans for your future. Enjoy your life!

Always remember, no matter what, to share that unique smile with yourself first and then others that cross your path today.

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