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Just Be

Don’t doubt where you are in life at this moment. We must remember that our Heavenly Father has a specific plan for every

one of us and sometimes, He has to get our attention. Don’t be discouraged because of where your life is at this moment. As you read this, just know that where you are right now is necessary for your life and your destiny. When a train goes off track it has no other option but to stop because there is no way for it to keep going until it is put back on track. Same way in our lives. We will go off track just so God can get our attention.

Often we feel like our life is on a merry-go-round, stuck going round and round. Just know it is necessary to be where you are. Don’t move prematurely before you work out anything that will hinder your future. We can’t take bad worn out baggage to the next level. Allow yourself to be right where you are and most importantly, learn from every experience. Life is a lesson, so learn it well and don’t ever forget no matter how hard it is, ENJOY where you are on the way to where you are headed. Better days are in front of you. Don’t forget to smile at yourself first and let that smile overflow onto someone else that crosses your path today. Always remember, no matter what, share that unique smile with yourself first and then others that cross your path today.

"Allow yourself to be right where you are."

Taken from the book:

Just To Behold: Becoming Beyoutiful From the Inside Out

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