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Have you checked your social distance meter?

Now is not the time to keep God at 6ft. in our lives. We are hearing over and over and over again to social distance, keep at least 6ft. between you and others. That is fine for our and others health and safety, but this does not pertain to God. We need to make sure daily we are not social distancing from God as well. It is easy to keep God at 6ft. in our lives these days with all the headlines, the lies, the confusion, the sickness, the deaths, or the hard decisions we are having to make day in and day out. God is saying, “if you keep me at 6ft. then I can’t do what I need to do on your behalf. I need to be so close to you in a time like this that nothing can separate us. My word says let nothing separate you from the love of God. I need you right now today to hold to My unchanging hand so tight that no hurt, harm or danger can come nigh your dwelling. Don’t get so down and discouraged that you distance yourself from Me because you think I have forgotten about you or I am not working on your behalf. I will always be a way maker, promise keeper, light in the darkness, …… because that is who I AM.”

Let today be the day that if you have social distanced from God that you will draw near to God like never before. It is getting ready to get worse before it gets better. But the good news is we can live our lives in the better right now because God our Father is holding us in the palm of His hand. He is telling us as you read this that, “I am with you like I have always been don’t look for me at a distance. Look at me as being right beside you like footprints in the sand which only has one set because I am carrying you through every circumstance in your life. Always, remember even though you may not see me I am with you in the trees that reach towards the heavens, in the birds that sing my praises in the morning, in the flowers that bloom to show My beauty, in the wind that blows with My still small voice through the earth. If you listen close enough you can hear My instructions for your life to carry you through for what is ahead. Be encouraged and don’t let go of My unchanging hand for I am with you always if you look for Me.”

Be encouraged today like never before and let us draw closer to our Heavenly Father together. Pick yourself up and remain up because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world and we have nothing and no one to fear. Carry on in a peaceful, blessed and worshipful day today. Always remember, no matter what, to share that unique smile with yourself first and then others that cross your path today.

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