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During my quiet time this morning, I read something that was right on time for me and where I am. I have decided to share my time with you because someone may need to read this.

My time this morning was a short reading on distractions that many of us deal with daily as do I. Distractions are so easy to come our way especially when we are aligned with God and walking in our purpose and headed to our destiny. So many distractions try to detour us along our journey and this is why it is good for us to arise early and prepare. When we rise early and commune with God and prepare for the day ahead that’s when God will equip us for all the distractions that will come our way. He knows everything we need spiritually to get us through our day. We must rid ourselves of distractions and stay the course because better is up ahead, just waiting for us to arrive at our destination.

The Good news is if we miss and fail and let a distraction easily distract us it is not over. This is the time to pray, listen and learn how to get better prepared and overcome that distraction. Get ready to join me in overcoming the daily distractions in our lives.

From my heart to yours.

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